Liesl Messerschmidt

A researcher, writer, editor, and photographer with a background in global public health and development. She has benefited from a wide range of professional opportunities and exposures as both consultant and program director including providing technical advice, strengthening skills and capacities, monitoring and evaluating projects and models, designing awarded multi-million dollar grant proposals, and facilitating workshops and trainings. She brings experience in program management, strategic planning, scenario building, policy development, and more. A cross-cutting theme in all her work is the generation of communications materials and publications for a wide range of audiences and purposes. She has worked with – and for – multilateral and bilateral donors, academic institutions, governments, private organizations and foundations, non-governmental and community-based organizations, national and regional networks, businesses, the media, and individuals.

She is the founding director of Health and Development Consulting International.

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Christa Sprinkle

Among her many talents, she is a professional editor with a background in education, history, psychology, photography, and qualitative analysis. She has edited memoirs and novels, reports, research papers, white papers, presentations, and other materials. She edited and published a coalition newsletter from 2010 to 2015, and has coordinated and participated in public and media events and presentations. Her background in counseling and therapy ties into her effective editorial skills, which also require counseling, being supportive, and nurturing people to see how they can improve their work. 

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Hans Messerschmidt

A cutting-edge branding, marketing, and communications design specialist stretching across production design, multimedia concepts, and art direction. Having traveled the globe working and studying culture, art, and design, he currently has a wide portfolio of clients with whom he telecommutes worldwide. He maintains a network of print and production vendors and other designers to call upon when needed, ensuring work is smooth and efficient. His passion for the art and science of design, and how they affect the modern world, is strong and represented by his quick, clean design approach. The resulting creativity and graphic solutions are a benefit to any organization.

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Don Messerschmidt

A writer and editor with a background in anthropology and education, including university teaching, and development research and action. He brings over 40 years of writing and publishing experience on many topics including in professional, technical, and popular sectors, for individuals and organizations, both nationally and internationally. He has founded and edited project publication series, research guidelines, and training manuals. He has been a magazine editor and prolific writer of non-fiction articles, essays, and award-winning books. He is also a mentor and writing coach.

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